One year program

For fresh graduates / First attempt to C.S.

Our Super Smart Program is for 12 months and is exclusively designed for all the fresh graduates and those who will be making their first attempt at UPSC or APSC or NPSC and are determined to make a victory in their very first attempt.


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Assam / Nagaland

Our Super Smart program is an integrated course which prepares you the best for both UPSC and state civil services simultaneously, making you capable and confident for both exams.


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750 classes

1500 hours

Our Super Smart Program brings to you the most extensive curriculum of the country like never before. An aspirant will be provided with 6 hours of sessions, Monday to Friday, leading to the most holistic coverage of the syllabus, workshops, debates, discussions and many more.


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Better Nourishment

Complimentary hand picked menu during your hard work

During the rigorous training every day, your body definitely needs a break in between filled with hygienic and balanced nutrition to rejuvenate for the next brainstorming session.


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20 reference books

Set of most useful reference books for you

Reference books always play a pivotal role in the preparation and the right selection of these books becomes one of the most important factors. These books are often expensive and a student often fails to make the right selection. We provide a set of 20 such books totally free.


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Childhood revisited

Your Monthly Stationery

Super Smart program is not just a curriculum, it's a bond of care. We make it sure that your monthly needs for pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, are taken care of just the way when you were a child your parents got you all that you ever needed to fill in your pencil box. And yes this token of care is free because love is always free.


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Badge of Pride

You are exclusive

A Super Smart student is not like just another one. You are exclusive as soon as you enroll with our Super Smart program. And as a symbol of absolute smartness and pride we attach the super smart badge on your collar.


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Personality needs style

Move with Flamboyance

Accessories often add to confidence which reflects in your personality. A premium accessory often adds to grooming and the little style can sometimes bring lot of shine in your outlook.


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Motivational workshops

Re-energize your Dreams

We give utmost concern to understand our Super Smart students' personality including their decision making abilities, intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, motivation and focus to compete in India's toughest competitive exams. We therefore use a very scientific method to assess our Super Smart students' mental capabilities and strength. The entire process goes through psychological and motivational sessions by a team of psychiatrists and counselors.


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The magic of yoga

The complete sync of the mind & the body

Civil Service preparation includes a rigorous study schedule. We conduct exclusive Yoga sessions by qualified professionals for our Super Smart students not only to help them focus and stay fit but also to release all the stress that comes in during preparation.


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The Uniform

An attire that gives you the feel

An Uniform is the desire of every one who wants to serve the nation. An uniform is not just a piece of cloth but it is a piece of confidence and strength that touches the soul. The super smart uniform adds sharpness to the body language of the student on the path to join the elite services.


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Tab with preloaded app

The smart gadget for a better tomorrow

Each student enrolled with our super smart program will be provided with a Tablet or a smart phone that will have preloaded Smart Coach application along with preloaded study contents.


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Comfort that you Deserve

Your safety; our priority !

Smart coach pledges to give the best to its students. When you are racing through your preparation, time is the most precious investment. We don't want our super smart student to lose time in the hustle bustle of public conveyance and want to ensure that the student goes through minimum possible hardships. Our end to end travel facility in our AC bus ensures Absolute comfort.


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Research based workshops

Experience the thrill of admistrative reality

A leader needs to be an all‑rounder. This program will give you the benefit of gaining the maximum as it will expose you to a plethora of research, discussions with highly imperative people on the panel, workshops based on administrative scenario and a lot more.


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Member of Elite club

Feel the privilege, take home the experience

The super smart students, on joining the curriculum, become members of the Elite Club with extra entitlements. This club is basically a ‘hub of enriching activities’ for all aspirants including talk shows, presentations, debates, group discussions, quizzes, creative writing, intellectual competitions and many more. It will also provide an aspirant with an exposure to some real administration scenarios of a district.


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Premium membership

Of Guwahati's biggest Civil Service library

Couch Study, the library in Smart coach, is not just a library but a paradise of books. It offers all the books that you need under one roof and a subtle atmosphere of reading. The super smart students, on joining the curriculum, become premium members of Couch study with extra entitlements.


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Personalized revision

We understand your strength and weakness

Each student has a unique set of capabilities. We at Smart coach assess a student's strengths and weaknesses and provide Personalized efforts to improve a student in the areas where the student is weak.


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Special access

A book and a cup of tea. What else?

Couch Study, our exclusive library for civil services, has a Cha Bar in it which enables students to buy the basic snacks and beverages. Super Smart students get a special subsidized access to all the Cha bar items.


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Home away from home

Premium accomodation

Education knows no boundary. Students from all across the seven states of North East joining the Super Smart program need safety and comfort to study hard when they stay away from home. To ensure this we provide AC hostel facility to the members of the super smart program.


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Exposure to Administration

Understand the real administration

The Super Smart Program will also give its members the privilege to see through, the real world of an administrative department. Interactive sessions, conferences and lectures by different administrative officers will be sanctified by the institute. Trips to different govt offices will also be an integral part of this program.


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Online program CCP‐A / CCP‐N

Complimentary with Super Smart Program

The Combined Comprehensive Program (CCP) is a unique online program designed for the aspirants of both Assam and Nagaland focusing mainly on APSC + UPSC (for Assam) and NPSC+UPSC (for Nagaland); that comes as an additional facility for Super Smart students. Our online CCP-A / CCP-N Program is North East’s first ever holistically developed program for APSC / NPSC/ UPSC.


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Content on Demand

Education is your right, educating is our duty !

We take pride to say that we have the largest (60+) academic research team in the North East comprising of faculty and researchers. While preparing for the civil services exam a student may come across topics of essay, matters from current affairs, Questions from previous years' civil services exams; for which the student may not be able to draft or answer or research satisfactorily. We provide well drafted and researched content on a student's request.


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