Answer: Analysing the strengths and weaknesses is the primary requisite of coaching and duty of a coach. Firstly, it helps in choosing the optional paper which is of utmost significance in clearing the exam, secondly it determines what can be your high scoring area and undoubtedly helps the coach in mapping customized strategy chart for the student, specific to one's strengths & weaknesses. In the absence of such analysis, there are high chances of an identical approach of preparation being imposed on aspirants in a batch which may or might not be effective for all equally. At Smartcoach, providing customized strategy to each student is the key that goes a long way beyond hard work in determining success of a candidate.
Answer: Civil Service preparation should begin with a crystal-clear understanding of what is the demand of a subject before acquiring knowledge in the subject. Most students follow one or two books and a handful of online resources alone. Here comes the role of an extensive library which gives you access to MULTIPLE books on the same topic to gain a wider perspective which definitely on reproduction in the exam in the form of an answer will stand apart and works well to score higher than others, where even a decimal mark can make a big difference. Smartcoach knows every pulse that determines success in the toughest exams of India, thus we ensure a library with vast collection of the best and most recommended handpicked books that enhance your chances of success in the exam with the Smartcoach strategy and also provides you with a calm reading space in the library.
Answer: The common concept that Guest Coaches/Visiting Experts are the best, is just a 'Myth'. 'What Good is a Great Coach who can't be found when u need him.' The fact is, the best full-time coaches are always far better than any of the mediocre faculties visiting from Delhi or any other part of India. Smart coach has dedicated full time coaches chosen from the best in Industry. Well-versed in their individual subjects and with immense experience in catering for the demands of a subject from the exam perspective; they deliver the sessions with utmost precision and perfection. At Smartcoach, our coaches are available for any topic based help whenever you need them.
Answer: Effective evaluation is one of the most important aspects that differentiates an average quality coaching from a great quality coaching. Effective evaluation is a process where quality of tests or quantity of tests alone can't influence the utility of coaching. What's important is, one has to take good quality tests at the right frequency. It's also very important to understand where one stands in comparison to thousands of other aspirants who will appear the same exam. Unlike most of the Institutes which evaluate their students based on test results of a few batches or a few students, Smart coach provides a platform where a candidate is evaluated in comparison to aspirants of the entire state/ region irrespective of one's location. At Smartcoach, the tests are not just of the best quality, they are also conducted with the highest frequency to induce the best practice and the best time management skills. Above all, tests at Smartcoach are topic based, module based, subject based and exam based mock tests for each stage of the exam. At Smartcoach the performance of a student in tests is analytically presented for more effective strategy which boosts a student's performance during the course of preparation.
Answer: Most students lose focus during the course of preparation and success seems to get more difficult with time for such students. Constant motivation and mental strengthening is what is needed in addition to great academic coaching. Mental preparation comes with a foray of activities which prepare you mentally while building your confidence and knowledge. At Smartcoach, stress relieving activities like watching inspirational goal driven movies in the institute premises, motivational sessions, medidation, creative activities, group activities, debates etc. keep you away from anxiety, keep you focussed and gradually prepare and make you exam ready. Being exam ready is NOT a one-day process just like it is said, Rome was not built in a day!
Answer: With the paradigm shift in the Education sector and methodology, it is the innovative ways of teaching that builds the attention and interest of the students in the class. Innovative teaching tools like spectacular visual explanation, self-explanatory striking diagrams that leave a photographic imprint on the mind engages the students and are more likely to generate the desire to learn and understand the complicated subjects instead of relying on only the capacity to memorize. At Smartcoach, innovation is the key ingredient in the learning process which makes it stunning in every parameter and simplifies the learning process altogether.
Answer: Registering facts from current affairs and having an analytical point of view on important happenings is the key essence of a true preparation. Whether an institute provides updated current affairs classes or not, whether an institute provides analysis on relevant & important happenings or not, differentiates an average institute from a great one. Smart coach has an exclusive research & presentation team for Current affairs and provides dedicated classes on current affairs of the Region, Nation & The World. As the questions of the toughest exams are of very dynamic nature, it is essential for every aspirant to imbibe a comprehensive yet concise and updated matter consistently.
Answer: Students should always be of highest importance for an institute. Students' problems should be resolved with utmost priority. At Smartcoach students form the nucleus of every management initiative and arrangement. To cater to the support system requirement, aspirational requirements, problems of the students or other concerns of Smartcoach students, the Student Relations Cell plays a pivotal role in acknowledging the issues and ensuring a quick escalation and redressal.
Answer: Filling up application forms correctly for competitive exams often becomes quite complicated for many aspirants and the need arises for professional help in this context. At Smartcoach, we give out regular notifications of exams to students through Notice boards and also through the Academic team about updates on upcoming exams and provide full assistance to the aspirants in not only filling up forms but the entire process of application. Students, in case of any enquiry or query, can always reach out to the Academic team or the Student Relations cell.
Answer: The definition of counselling in most institutes is explaining course and fee structure. Effective counselling is impossible without transparent understanding of an aspirant's background. At Smartcoach, that is the last step during a counselling. Counselling at Smartcoach is primarily understanding, supportive & academic in nature. Through the step by step counselling process of Smartcoach, a student can explore and realize his potential areas and the technique of channelizing his/her potential towards a purely strategized preparation for success in exams. The first step to success with Smartcoach begins during the counselling itself.
Answer: Return on Investment in simple terms means the gain from an investment incurred. For a student, education can be the best investment option provided the student intelligently chooses the best institute to invest in or else all the investment may result in zero returns. The primary agenda of Smartcoach is to weave unique success stories round the year with persistent delivery of best in industry classes along with chain of unmatched facilities & additional services thus giving huge returns on investment.
Answer: Places of worship are always kept clean and are always well maintained because prayers need concentration and concentrating becomes difficult if the surrounding is ill maintained. Where an institute expects its students to put in the highest sincerity & concentration, it's the duty of the institute to provide the students with the best of infrastructure. At Smartcoach, we consider the premises no less than a place of worship and we provide the students with the best in industry comfort and ambience during the preparation.
Answer: Every aspirant intends to join an institute which is 'big' because being 'big' brings a sense of assurance regarding overall quality of an institute. However not all aspirants realise that only infrastructural size does not make an institute big or small. What is truly 'BIG'? Along with the size of infrastructure what is even more important is the number & capability of professionals working in various capacities in the institute. At Smartcoach, we have around 80 professionals working in various verticals, out of which a team of over 40 people work in management, managing areas of Academic Quality Control, Roster Implementation, Evaluation Analytics, Study Material Management, Student Relations, Operations Management, Stress Relief Activity Management etc. We have a team of over 40 smart coaches who have been selected from the best of the best in the industry. Hundreds apply for various jobs in our organization but less than 3% of all applicants are finally selected to work with us because more than 97% of all applicants fail to clear our rigorous multiple stage selection process. Thus, you are not just in any institute, you are in north east's biggest institute of coaching.



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